If seeing is believing, then there’s no doubt that today’s society will believe almost anything – that they see on TV, that is. With the way media has become, even the most outlandish television shows and news reports seem to have a sliver of truth to them. And that’s precisely what the American public wants – crazy tales that you have to see to believe. It’s not enough to claim that a mother of six has eight more on the way, or that a mother of eight is getting a divorce; people need proof. They won’t believe the story is true until it’s right there before their eyes, and that is the power of the digital age of journalism. Whether a writer, news reporter, or film specialist, everyone in the communication field has the power to make people believe the unbelievable. As journalists, the world is our oyster, and it is our job to deliver that pearl to the public.

NSLC is our mentor, our human teleprompter to help us understand the power of the spoken word and the digital image; the impact that it can have on the world. An entire museum devoted to news, to the history of communication, shows how invaluable these services are. From hand written newspapers and letters sent abroad on the back of a horse or bow of a ship, communication has transitioned to something as simple as turning on a television, or typing in a phrase on Google.  From live news reports to gossip channels, there are countless facets in which to spread the word about absolutely anything, in any way we choose. The media is more powerful than any of us can imagine, but we can try. NSLC is our first step; with this knowledge under our belts we can open up doors that you’d have to see to believe…

— Colleigh S, Los Angeles, CA