Within the NSLC program, I met many wonderful people and learned so much more than any public and/or private school could teach. What struck me the most was the session in which we learned about different personality types. The smart, productive owl; the brave, leading lion; the kind and quiet koala; the enthusiastic and social peacock. I particularly loved this session, because it opened my eyes to human behavior and answered the questions I’ve always asked of people. “Why is he like this, why does she act like that?”
Because of this, I wrote my poem to emphasize myself as all of these creatures in one. A leading lion, a caring koala, an organized owl and a laid back peacock. I have confidence in myself as a leader and hope that my writing will reach other students in a way that will make them want to become all that they are. The leaders of America.

The One That Is Seen

I am the almighty griffin,

with the mind of an owl;

the strength of ten lions,

nothing made foul.

I am the graceful white tiger,

with a peacock expression;

a heart of koalas,

the biggest impression.

Because in my mind,

I am unthinkable.

Because of my strength,

I am unstoppable.

Because I am kind,

I am untouchable.

Because of my laugh,

I am unchangeable.

Call me whatever, but please know The Me:

I am The Thinker, The Doer,

The One In-Between;

I am The Promoter, The Supporter,

The One That Is Seen.

— Emily P, Carrollton, Texas