If you follow my Twitter feed,  you’ll see how close you can get to complete strangers in a little under 2 weeks. It’s amazing. At the beginning you can’t wait to leave, and by the end you never want to go. I’ve learned a lot about leadership and film, but if there’s one thing I’ll keep in use it’ll be the twitter and connections with my friends.

– Drew Lanzafama, Virginia

This has been an amazing experience for me personally. The classes have been great as well as informative, the field trips are fun, and the TA’s are very kind. I was very nervous when I was about to go, but the student relationships I’ve acquired over the last week or so will continue outside of camp and hopefully for years to come. This has been a very enjoyable trip and I would advice anyone who has the opportunity of coming on this trip to do so.

– Sullivan Pollard, Georgia