The Washington Nationals game against the Kansas City Royals on June 22 was certainly full of surprises. Our National Student Leadership Conference group arrived at Nationals Park and waited outside in the slightly warm and humid temperature which many of my northern companions whined about. Being from sticky Dallas, I was less focused on the weather and more interested in getting pumped about being at a baseball game. Our first big moment was doing our standups which were great to watch today in class. There were some great ones and some that were hilarious with memorable lines. During filming, I thought my takes were horrible and I was right. My first two takes I struggled but the third one I pulled it together.

— Larson M, Plano, TX

I am from the other side of the nation in Los Angeles, CA, and now currently in Washington D.C. our nations capital, to attend National Student Leadership Conference. During my attendance of this event, the NSLC took its students on a class trip to Nationals Park to view the home team Nationals take on the Kansas Royals. I have attended few games in a Major League Stadium, but my experience at this park was very different from my home town stadium, Dodgers Stadium. The trip to Nationals Park was also an eye opener, because it was my first time visiting another stadium outside of the Dodgers. So upon my arrival at this amazing park, the tall navy blue fences with W’s in between the bars grab my attention as we step off the bus. My group and I circle the fabulous stadium as we slowly walked through the early summer heat. When we arrived at the front gate big red letters stood tall as a giants at the closed gates at Nationals Park. Waiting about 30 minutes we were allowed to enter the park, it was great to see the Nationals take batting practice in their pregame workout. One unforgettable moment was actually speaking to the Nationals closing pitcher Matt Capps, metting him was an awesome experience and his personality is very down to earth as a person and player.

— Alex Jones Jr., Los Angeles, CA

The trip to the ESPN980 studio was a great experience. Not only did I get to see one of my favorite sportswriters and broadcaster of all-time in Tony Kornheiser but we also were able to learn a lot about the buisness from people that have been doing their job for years. It was actually the best trip I have been to during this whole NSLC experience and I really learned a bunch. I can’t wait to see what the trip to the TV station is going to be like.

— Troy P, Weston, FL